Ohh less than 2 months to go!

Ok so it’s been about a month since I was here last. I’m horrible about putting up new posts but so much has happened that now I’ll make sure to try to fill everyone in.

Ok first off let me say that I have made it to W3 on the C25K program. Yes folks, I’m actually becoming quite the runner. In fact, I don’t even just run on the days I’m supposed to for the program. I find myself walk and jogging 5-6 times a week and love it. My waist line is loving it as well. More on that in a minute though.

Oh! I have been very good have not gone out to eat in almost 6 weeks. I know right! That’s quite the accomplishment. I’m also becoming quite the vegetarian cook. I did break down last weekend and have an actual hamburger but it didn’t have cheese on it. I topped it with Guac and Salsa instead. I’ve also fallen in love with MorningStar Farms Buffalo Chik’n wings. Ok, they aren’t really wings more like spicy nuggets but you can use them for some many yummy meals like wraps, quesadillas, salads, and of course just by themselves. Yep, those are a winner! I haven’t gotten brave enough to try to cook with Tofu yet but I’m getting there. I made a killer meatloaf the other night and it got rave reviews from my hubby, mom, and sister.

On a completely random note, my snoring cat is distracting me.

More good news, I’m the lowest weight i have been since 2007. Yay me! In fact, I’m actually wearing one of the shirts I bought in October 2007 right now. My jeans are getting a little big on me too! Oh and the pants I bought to wear on the plane in November now button and zip. I just need to lose maybe another 10 pounds and they’ll be perfect. Hmm, just realized I’m under growing my clothes faster than I’m replacing them. I may have to buy a couple of outfits soon. Well, really I’ll just need pants because my shirt size isn’t changing as fast as my pant size.

Speaking of pant size. I lost 2 inches in my hips and 1 inch in my waist since the beginning of October. Unfortunately Franken leg is starting to look more pronounced but since there is nothing I can do about that, I’m just ignoring it. So my weight as of this morning is 236.8. I’m definitely not going to make Onederland by my birthday but I’m hoping to at least get to 219 by then. Hopefully sometime around Valentine’s Day I’ll hit 199. I’m not stopping though until I’m well below there. 199 is just my first big goal. I plan on getting down to 150. Ohh I just realized that means I officially have less than 100 pounds to go! W00T!  In fact, I have less than 90 pounds to go. YAY!!!!

Ok so I heard some bad news this week that I can’t share at the moment. Hopefully in a week or so I can share the bad news and follow it up with what I hope will be great news. More to come on that. Just suffice it to say that right now, running and eating right have become a very important outlet for me.

Oh man, I almost forgot to tell everyone that hubs and I are going to be running in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving in Oklahoma City. We are quite excited. It’s a little bit of a sour note for me in the fact that I was supposed to be running my half-marathon on the 20th but since I went and broke my foot earlier this year, that’s clearly out. 

Well, I should probably close this crazy post. Before I go though, on the extremely remote chance that whoever stole my husbands weather station transmitter from our back yard is reading this. Really?? I mean seriously, what possible use do you have for that? You need the receiver to make it work which we have. Just return it by gently tossing it over our fence. I just bought that for him 2 months ago and now it’s useless without that piece. Do the right thing….

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