Yummy Breakfast Taco

This morning I was looking for something different to make for breakfast. I had recently picked up some Mission Blue Corn and Flaxseed Tortillas and wanted to use them in my breakfast. So without further adieu I give you my creation.

Blue Corn and Flaxseed Breakfast Taco

1 Blue Corn and Flaxseed Tortilla
2 Egg Whites, beaten
1 Morningstar Farm Breakfast Sausage Patty, crumbled
1/4 cup Green Bell Pepper, diced
1/8 cup Kraft Pepper Jack Cheese

Spray pan with cooking spray and saute the bell peppers until crisp tender. Add in the breakfast sausage and egg whites and scramble. Remove from pan and place the tortilla in the pan and top with cheese. Heat tortilla until crispy and the cheese is melty. Place the scramble back on top of the tortilla and then slide the whole thing onto a plate. Gently fold in half and enjoy!

Breakfast Taco

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