Weekly Weightloss Goal Met!

My goal for August 5, 2011 was to weigh in at 245 and I did just that! Ok so I know a lot of you are going to be shocked that I actually put my weight out there for all to see but it’s not like you don’t already know that I weigh more than I should. Hopefully though, that’s the last time I’m going to see that number. My next goal is to be 241 August 12, 2011. I just have to keep doing what I’m doing and that’s eating wisely and exercising more. I have no doubt that I’ll make it. Remember, the overall goal is to lose 50 pounds by November 3, 2011.

My walking/jogging is coming along nicely. I’ve started to really up my speed on a consistent basis and compete against the previous day’s time. My goal is to eventually do 3.145 in less than 39 minutes. Right now I’m clocking in at 50:13 but it is going down a little everyday. By Nov 3 though I’m hoping to be hitting that 39 time. Small steps and not letting myself get discouraged. I’m contemplating putting together a neighborhood walking group when the weather gets a tad cooler. Right now it’s way to hot to walk outside unless you do it very early in the morning or late at night.

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New PR Achieved!

So I started back on my walking/running. Tonight I ran Central Park, or at least my treadmill’s version of it. The thing that I like about this program is that it starts off with no incline and then builds to a 5% incline around the middle of the run. This lasts for what seems like hours but in reality is only about 2 minutes. If you time this poorly and are in the middle of a run when this happens, you think you are going to die. For me, this represents  the moment when I know the torture is about to end and I can settle into a nice rhythm. Tonight was no exception. I timed my runs perfectly to avoid the dreaded 5% incline and didn’t tire myself out halfway through my run. My reward was besting my previous time of 52:13 for 50:38. I feel awesome! Tomorrow I plan on going on a great bike ride and getting some well deserved trail time in!


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Making my bed, a lesson to be learned!

Ok so you might be asking yourself what making my bed has to do with anything relevant to this blog. Plenty! As I’ve written about before, I have had a love/hate relationship with making my bed. While I love the look of my bed when it’s all nice and made, I hate doing it. It annoys me to no end to make my bed so beautifully just to have it messed up again in a few hours. Come to think of it, that pretty much reflected my attitude towards all things cleaning. Why bother to clean a room when it’s just going to get messed up again in a day or two. I mean come on, aren’t we supposed to be saving energy? I hear it all the time from the green movement! Yeah, so it turns out that they aren’t talking about that kind of energy-saving.

A few weeks ago I was browsing through Barnes and Noble and saw a book called Sink Reflections. I picked it up because it was an interesting title and it promised me that I could finally clean and organize my house in a fun and easy system. So I bought it figuring I would read it and then put it on a pile with all the other books on organization that I had bought in the past. Turns out, this book really is awesome. All it had me do was shine my sink on the first day. It even said I could put all my dirty dishes and clutter in my kitchen on the floor as long as my sink was empty so I could shine it! Well, I couldn’t bring myself to actually put anything on the floor so I loaded the dishwasher and washed it. Then I set about cleaning my sink. I made it very very shiny and I was so proud of myself. The next day I made my bed! Then I did all my laundry and it started to snowball from there. This is where the lesson comes in.

I was reflecting this morning on how clean my home is and realized it was because my attitude had changed. Before, I would clean it begrudgingly. I actually resented having to clean it and rebelled against it at every turn. Then it hit me that I do the same thing with eating and exercise. I resent having to watch what I eat when I see other people enjoying whatever they want.

“Your attitude is like the aroma of your heart. If your attitude stinks, it means your heart’s not right.” Facing the Giants · 2006. I’ve heard this line a number of times because it comes from one of my favorite movies. I never really thought about it before though in relation to me. As I reflect over that line it seems to fit me perfectly! Resentment, in any form, is unhealthy. It represents an attitude of negativity and it’s no wonder I have failed so many times before on my quest to better health. Just like with my bed, my attitude towards healthy eating and exercise has to change in order for me to be successful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it will be easy. I am confident though that if I approach it with a good attitude I’ll be successful. Think about it. Would you keep doing something if you thought, “UGH! I HAVE to get up early and run tomorrow. I would rather sleep but I HAVE to do it.” I’m going to say no! You are already putting a negative spin on it. I’m more likely to do it if I think, “Tomorrow morning I’m going to get up and go for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. Lots of my neighbors will be out walking at that time and it will be nice to see everyone.” See the difference?

I’m including this clip as I find it motivational and very relevant to today’s post.

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Not the best day ever….But there’s hope!

So I went to the doctor today to get some blood work done. I was expecting it to be fairly routine. Then again, since when is going to the doctor ever routine with me! First off the good news, my blood pressure was 106/52 and my temp was normal. YAY! Then again those are always good so I wasn’t really worried. Next my pulse was 82, well yeah, I just walked from the waiting room, got my blood pressure taken, a thermometer shoved way down the back of my throat. I would expect my pulse to be a little faster than normal. Here’s where it starts to go downhill. I have a fantastic doctor. She’s not the type to come in and spend 2 minutes with you. She will sit and talk to you for however long it takes to get any news out of you and she’s never disappointed with me. One of the questions she likes to ask is, “Have you experienced any nausea, headaches, or dizziness?” I like to answer honestly so of course I said yes. I explained that there had been a few mornings that upon rising I felt sick to my stomach and dizzy. Sometimes I get shaky if it’s been a while since I’ve eaten. Apparently, none of that’s good. So for the next 3 months, I have to monitor my blood sugar to make sure it’s not dipping to low. Ok fine, I can live with that, better safe than sorry after all.

The next part is where it really steamrolled downhill. She’s been gently telling me that I have to lose weight. Duh, working on it. Ok ok so the last few weeks I haven’t really been tracking my food and yes I was up a little since the last time I saw her but overall I’m still down from where I started. That has to be a good thing right? So I explained to her that I had temporarily stopped walking or biking for fear of mutant leg getting any bigger. The surgeon had told me that even if I lost weight it wasn’t going to get smaller and if I kept working it would get bigger since the fascia had been cut and there was no longer any way to keep the sausage in the casing (his words not mine).  So anyway, for fear of having a small leg and a big leg and thus ruining any chance I ever had of wearing skinny jeans and heels, I quit working out. Shockingly enough, she didn’t buy that excuse and told me to start working out again. In fact she went on to challenge me, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, to lose 50 pounds by the time I see her again on November 3rd. So in 97 days, I have to weigh 50 pounds less than I do now. So I did some figuring and learned that I would need to lose .52 pounds a day in order to make this happen. YIKES! or is it?

So .52 pounds a day means I need to burn 1820 calories more than I take in per day. That sounds like a lot until you think that I can cut between 700-1000 of those per day by sticking to my allotted calories of 1200-1500 a day. Furthermore, I usually burn 600ish on my walk/jog/runs. That only leaves me 220ish to burn through other activity. That is not going to be hard at all. I realize that as I lose weight those burn rates will change and I’ll have to adapt but at least I have a good starting point. If I can lose 50 pounds by November 3rd, I’ll be very close to my goal weight of …(like I’m going to tell you!)

Anyway, it was a roller coaster visit and I guess I just needed to decompress on here and get all my thoughts out. I’m going to try to blog about this more often so I can keep myself accountable. Time to go dust off my Livestrong.com account.

Sorry this is so long, just need to spill my guts. 🙂 BTW, anyone out there who wants to embark on this journey with me is welcome. You are even more welcome if you live in the CY-Fair area and want to get up early in the mornings and walk around the park with me. 😀

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Today is rough…

I know that there are several of you who have written me asking how Delicate Arch went yesterday. Truly it was a mixed bag. On the one hand I did manage to hang on for .65 miles, on the other hand the incline was so especially brutal that that was all I could do. Fear not! I shall try again in a few weeks. I plan on trying it every couple of weeks until I can complete the whole thing!

Today seemed like an excellent day for a rest day since it’s Monday and it’s been a rough day.

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Delicate Arch, Today is the Day!

As of today I no longer qualify for weight loss surgery. Then again, I wasn’t even entertaining having it done. Still, it’s nice to know that even if I did desire to have it, I don’t weigh enough to qualify. I’m officially down 31 pounds since January and couldn’t be happier. Sure, I would be a lot farther along if I hadn’t been so unfocused in March and April but this is real life. You can’t live in the what ifs.

Today, just because I’m feeling very confident, I am going to attempt to complete Delicate Arch. The treadmill we have will load the map into it and then adjust the incline to match the elevation. This will be a 1.52 mile hike with the incline topping out at 10%.

I don’t know if I’ll actually be able to complete it but I’m going to give it my very best shot! The distance isn’t the problem as I regularly do 4+ miles, the incline though is going to be tough and I’m probably going to feel it tomorrow!

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And then I went and got stupid……

I was feeling all hot this morning because of my continued weightloss and workouts but then I went and got stupid. For the record, there is probably nothing healthy to eat at a Mexican Restuarant. Hubby and I shared a Fajitas Rancheras for one. We got corn tortillas instead of flour but I compromised and got beef instead of chicken. Unfortunately, we also got queso. Arghhh! So I was going to use today as a rest day but now I feel so crappy from the food that I feel the need to workout.

Tomorrow will be a better day though. We are going to cook some steak and chicken on the grill and have it for dinner/lunches throughout the week. Yummy! Grilled chicken salad sounds great. We also got our Angel Food in today and have a bag of drumsticks. I think I might throw those in the crockpot and cook them. Then I can shred them to make stuff later on. Hmm maybe I should put them in the pressure cooker instead and then it will probably fall off the bone. Either way, there will be plenty of cooking going on tomorrow.

As of this morning, I’m only 46.6 pounds away from losing the next 50 pounds. Yay!

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